Natural First Aid Items for Your Survival Stash

It can be overwhelming to pick among the many options for first aid kits and medical stockpiles, especially if you’d prefer natural, holistic remedies over synthetic, pharmaceutical drugs. Here are a few natural products with a multitude of first-aid options that are ideal to add to your first aid stash.

Activated Charcoal

Every natural medicine chest should have activated charcoal. When taken internally, it absorbs toxins in your stomach, so it is incredibly important to have in case of ingestion of poison, food poisoning, and other digestive sicknesses (note: it is not, however, effective for alcohol, cyanide, lithium or iron poisoning). But here’s the biggest survival application of all: it can be used to filter water. Here’s how.  It can also be used in drawing salves for splinters, stings or skin irritation.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is like a wonder drug. It can be taken internally for a multitude of maladies: food poisoning, bacterial infections, viral infections, yeast infections, soreness, inflammation, cough, headache, the list goes on and on. Externally, it will ease sunburn, stings, rash, it can be applied topically like Vick’s Vaporub to ease phlegm, and for many cosmetic applications as well. This list of it’s uses barely scratches the surface; apple cider vinegar does it all.

Raw Honey

Honey is a very important addition to a first aid kit. Naturally antibiotic, it will clean and protect an open wound from infection. It can be taken internally as well to treat and prevent infection.

Aloe Vera

One very simple way to keep aloe always on hand is to grow it! But if you plan on bugging out or simply don’t live somewhere aloe will thrive, there are many options for pure aloe gel and keeping a bottle in your first aid kit is crucial. It is amazing for burns of any kind, as well as skin irritation, allergic reactions, soothing insect stings and rashes, and protecting and healing scrapes and cuts.

These powerful, natural healing aids are not only practical, they’re often much cheaper than their synthetic alternatives. Do consider adding some of these items to your first aid kit and giving them a try the next time you have a wound or sickness. I guarantee you’ll be a believer!

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