Over the Counter Medicine You Should Store

Any number or disasters could leave you without access to medical supplies, including the otherwise easy-to-obtain, over-the-counter medicines.  The irony is, that the same circumstances that would cut off your access to these medicines, could also increase your need for them.  This is why it’s always a good idea to keep some on hand in your survival supplies.  Here is a list of over the counter medicines that you should keep on hand.



Not only can Benadryl treat nasal allergies that can drastically lower your ability to perform even basic functions, but it can also stop potentially life-threatening allergic reactions from insect stings or food.  Benadryl takes several minutes to work it’s way through the body so it is not a suitable substitute for an EpiPen, but for those that don’t need immediate relief to restore breathing it will work just fine.


Advil or other Ibuprofens are great to have on hand to treat inflammation that can come from any number of injuries.  If left untreated, inflammation in joints will only get worse with continued use.  This will decrease your ability to function, and after a disaster your need to physically perform is only going to increase.


Pepto-Bismol or other more specified anti-diarrhea medicines like Imodium AD are a must to have on hand.  If you cannot stop diarrhea you will be at risk for dehydration and will be likely to spread fecal-borne illnesses.  If a disaster has cut off your access to fresh water these problems can turn deadly quick.

Alka-Seltzer Cold and Flu

You will not be able to take a sick day when disaster strikes, and you don’t want to take a cold treatment that will cause drowsiness.  Alka-Seltzer cold and flu is a great option to treat your symptoms and keep you on your feet when you need it.


When you put together your survival medical supplies don’t only think about first-aid and antibiotics.  Most of the ailments you are likely to experience can be treated with over the counter medicines that are cheap to get and last over a year, so keep some on hand.


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