Stealth for Survival

For the first time in decades, violent crime rates are on the rise.  This is not a trend likely to change if the availability of life-sustaining resources is limited by any number of possible disasters.  If you want to survive, finding water, shelter, and food is only going to be the beginning.  You will have to keep hostile survivors from finding you.  These are the three most important factors for stealth survival.



It may seem somewhat counter-intuitive, but you can give up your location at night from a greater distance than you could during the day.  A light in an otherwise dark night will automatically draw anyone’s eye.  To avoid being spotted at night do not use lights outdoors or inside if you cannot close doors and block windows.  If you have to use a light, use a red light.  If you have to use a fire, block the light with whatever material you have available and do not allow the fire to reach a height above your fire block.


One a still day sound can travel without distortion a greater distance and can give you away.  Be careful if you are breaking glass, chopping wood, firing a gun, or shouting.  All of these are activities that you might need to do, but they are also things that can give your location away to potentially hostile people.


Leaving trash around will let anyone know that you have been in the area.  Cover old fires and hide all of your trash that you cannot burn.  This is especially important near areas you will frequent repeatedly.


If it is possible, avoid muddy areas where you will leave tracks that will last until the next rain.  Try not to walk through vegetation while it is wet since it will bend more and leave a more visible trail.  Use more than one path to access places that you use regularly so that you do not create a worn trail.  Always try to bypass locks in way that leaves the door or window, and the lock if possible, intact.  Breaking doors and windows will leave obvious visible signs of entry that will give away your location.


The threat of attack from other survivors may be unfortunate, but it is all too real.  Do not take it lightly, and find out the hard way.


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