Survival Lessons From Venezuela

In case you are not too up-to-date on the news, and this would be easy to miss, but Venezuela’s economy has completely crashed and its citizens are starving. They have to wait in line for hours for government rationed food, and they are even crossing the borders in droves to buy food from neighboring countries. The situation has slowly been deteriorating over recent months and they have begun taking to the decrepit streets.

What we are witnessing in Venezuela is what many of us have been preparing for here in the US for years. It’s just another reminder that we won’t always be able to rely on our government or a stable economy. You never know when a similar situation could unfold in the US or wherever you live, so it is important to prepare now. Here are some key lessons/reminders for preppers we can take away from the situation in Venezuela:

1. Your food stock is finite

Self-sufficiency is just as important as preparedness. Having a certain amount of food stored up is always prudent, but it will run out. It is important to prepare for the long-term. Invest in land, livestock, gardens with heirloom seeds and a way to save seeds, learn how and where to hunt, and take into account how many people might target your resources and reserves when everything hits the fan.

2. Your food stock will be a target

Looting is the first thing to happen when things get crazy and grocery store shelves go empty, so consider storing your food in a manner that is protected, hidden and long-lasting. Find a place away from your home that no one would think to look, hide your food in containers food is not typically hid in or parts of the house not commonly used for food storage. Don’t keep it all in one place but rather many different places so if one stash is found you will have several backups.

3. Prepare for security

Civil unrest is a very likely outcome when food reserves get low, so equip yourself for home and self-defense. Arm yourself in whatever way you feel comfortable, and fortify your home as well. Don’t plan on getting involved in the violence yourself, that’s the quickest way to get killed or incarcerated, but instead plan on how you can avoid the chaos and lay low.

4. Keep your ear to the ground

Pay attention to the news, learn a bit more about the economy, and pay attention to current events so that you are not one of the people caught totally off guard when economic meltdown begins. There are already many signs that global economies are about the collapse, so always be prepared and invest in items you can use to survive instead of the insecure American dollar.

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