Surviving a Kidnapping   

Kidnapping is not the most likely event that you will need to survive, but it isn’t always something that happens to other people.  It isn’t something that only happens to those who are wealthy enough to pay ransom, or people living in the third world.  Even in countries like the United States, people have been kidnapped and tortured for their suspected political opinions, their race, and for sexual assault.

While women and children are more likely to be the victims, men are not immune. Recently in America, there was a case of a professional football player being kidnapped, and even two college football players being kidnapped, tortured and sexually assaulted.  Regardless of gender and age, surviving a kidnapping is something that everyone should think about.  Here are some tips to increase your chances if you are faced with this horrible ordeal.


  1. Fight as hard as you can, including going limp if can’t win the fight or a gun is pointed at you, in order to not be taken to a second location. You will not be treated better at a second location, your attack likely wants to take you there so that their assault against you will not be noticed.
  2. Make noise. If you are unable to fight against being taken, making noise can alert people to your attack that might be able to relay vital information to the police such as a description of your attackers, their vehicle, and the direction you were taken in.
  3. Talk to them. Your attackers are not going to be kidnapping you for the pleasure of your company, in fact they will mentally dehumanizing you from the moment the attack begins.  Talking to them about universal subjects and telling them meaningless personal information, even your name, will make this process more difficult and has been credited in multiple cases with victims receiving less harsh treatment from their attackers.
  4. Escape. Don’t count on being set free, try to escape every chance you get, and do everything in your power to get a chance.  If you are in the trunk of a car, pull the wires that supply power to the brake lights in hope that the car may be pulled over by law enforcement.  Break windows in any room you are in, and always try to free yourself from any restraints used so that you can both fight and run.

Kidnappings are not as rare as many believe, and the victims are not always women, children, or “someone else”.  Have a plan in mind in the case that you find yourself a victim, or intended victim of a kidnapping.

If you are looking for something more advanced, you need to see this course of self-defense.

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