The Off-Grid Room

I was recently browsing some of my favorite survival blogs and saw an article that I thought was brilliant. It was on the site and it was about “the Off-Grid room“. I was thinking it was about a room that you kept all your preps in or something, but when I read the article it got me very excited.

The blogger got the idea from Fernando Aguirre’s book, The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse, in which the author described how his whole family would sleep and live in one room of their house during the economic collapse in Argentina in 2001, to preserve energy, heat and resources.

I thought this was a fantastic idea, and would encourage everyone to think about and plan for an off-grid room in your house. This can be a room where you keep all your preps, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. The important part is it is a room that can become the central living area during a power outage or natural disaster of some kind in which it is not possible or economical to heat or live in the rest of your house.

How to choose your off-grid room:

  • It should be a room that can be closed off completely, preferably, or could be closed off with a few simple additions
  • OR, see below, it should be able to be sealed off enough that body heat will be contained and can be relied upon for heating should all other heating sources fail
  • It should preferably have a fireplace or a way to generate heat without electricity
  • It should have room for each member of the family to sleep (no one has to be spread out, you’re most likely trying to preserve heat, after all
  • It should have few windows or windows that can be easily covered up and sealed

How to prepare your off-grid room:

  • Once you’ve picked your room, try to sit down and write down everything you would need to do to convert it to the off-grid room
  • If you do not want to store your preps in that room, organize and arrange what you would need so it would be easily transported to the off-grid room when needed
  • Determine, if needed, how you would close off windows and doors to retain heat
  • Keep plenty of wood on hand at all times if your off-grid room has a fireplace
  • Store as many items as possible in the room that you’d need in case of disaster
  • Come up with some basic safety plans for either evacuation or security of the off-grid room (in case of natural disasters like flood or earthquake, or outside threats like looters)

I thought this was such a fantastic idea, I’m definitely well on my way to having my own off-grid room secured and ready. I highly recommend this ingenious aspect of prepping ofr anyone who wants to plan for survival.

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