The Reality of Self Defense for Women (Graphic Video)   


This is a video of an armed robbery from Russia where a man with a blunt force weapon (hard to tell what it is, it looks like a slap stapler) walks into a check cashing office and brutally attacks a female employee.  The video is a graphic departure from the Hollywood depiction of self-defense for women, showing that far from the Tomb Raider or Charlie’s Angels fantasy of jumping spin kick knockouts of larger, stronger male opponents, resilience and a strategy of escape can be the best thing a woman can do when attacked.  This poor woman takes repeated blows to head while standing, choking, and even kicks to the head while down, but in the end, her tenacity (which training with sparring can increase) is enough to get her out of danger as she escapes from her attacker after taking a beating.  The good news is that she received no serious injuries and the police caught the attacker.  I encourage every woman to watch this video to get a realistic idea of what a physical attack will involve.  That being said, viewer discretion is advised.


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