Throwing Stick


The name is pretty self-explanatory.  A throwing stick is a stick that you throw at things you want to eat.  There’s a little more to using it successfully, but basically, you throw the stick at what you want dead.  One of the animals that a throwing stick can be successfully used to hunt is a rabbit.  Here are some tips on how to successfully use this primitive method to obtain food in a survival situation.


  1. First, you need to select the right stick. Not just any stick will do.  You want a stick that is about the length of your forearm and hand, from your elbow to your fingertips.  It needs to be solid, dense wood.  Look for a stick with a knot in one end, this will add to the density, the weight, and therefore the potential lethality of the weapon.
  2. The throwing stick should be held at the smaller lighter end. It should be thrown overhand so that it tumbles as it travels.
  3. Since it does not have the speed or the distance capabilities that a bow and arrow or more sophisticated weapon has you will need to get close to your prey to effectively use it. This will mean that you will need to target animals that either rely on their camouflage, or feel comfortable in their ability to get away.  For this reason, squirrels and rabbits are going to be your primary targets.
  4. If you spot a rabbit, don’t look directly at it. This will help the rabbit feel secure in its camouflage which will keep it from running.  Walk off line from the rabbit, so that you can get closer without walking directly at it which will cause it to run.  When you have closed the distance, turn and throw quickly, run at the rabbit after you throw the stick because it is likely that you will hit it but not kill it and you will need to finish it off before it gets away.

Survival doesn’t always require high-tech gear or highly specified knowledge, sometimes it’s just throwing a stick at a rabbit and stomping its head before it gets away.

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