Tips for Defensive Knife Use   


Carrying a knife is a pretty common thing to do.  Though most people only ever use their knives to open packages or cut their finger nails out of boredom, many people carry a knife in the thought of using it as a defensive weapon.  Arming yourself is an important aspect of survival, especially for those that live in urban areas, but carrying it alone is not going to protect you.  Here are a few tips that can make your knife a more effective tool for self-defense.


  • Carry a Fixed Blade: There are plenty of good folding knifes on the market, but they are not going to be as effective as a defensive weapon as a fixed blade knife will be.  The main reason being that even a folding knife with an assist or spring to help get the blade our easier and faster will never be as fast or as easy as a fixed blade.  You may already be involved in a struggle before you know you are in danger, and the high level of stress will make coordination more difficult.
  • Carry the Knife Center Line: Whether you carry fixed blade or folding, carrying the knife center line (near the center of your body) will make it easier to access and get in the fight with both hands.  It won’t always be possible to use your strong hand to access your knife in a fight, you might be defending with it, your attacker might have control of it, or it might have already been injured.
  • Keep it Close: If you are ever forced to use your knife defensively, as a weapon or for intimidation, keep it close to your body.  The further you extend your arms the less strength and control you will have.

As with all equipment, it’s important to train for using your knife as a defensive weapon.  But you don’t need to be Rambo to protect yourself.  Just practicing getting your knife out from concealment, or using a rubber knife with a sparring partner will be invaluable in a defensive scenario.

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