Tips for Desert Survival


If you live in the Southwestern portion of the United States, you are never very far from a desert. Whether you enjoy hiking in the desert or you simply drive through it, you need to take the time to learn some important yet simple skills that will help you to survive just in case something were to go wrong. In fact, one of the first rules of desert travel is to always be prepared for something to go wrong. Here are some tips that you can use.

Always let someone know your route and when you will be traveling through the desert. This is true whether you are taking a hike, a camping trip, or you are just driving on a road through a long and desolate stretch of desert. Always have plenty of rations with you when you are hiking and camping. Be sure to have items in your vehicle, too. This includes food and more water than you think you need. You should have a gallon per person per day at a minimum.

You need to have a hat and sunscreen. You could get bad sunburn, and the sun will dehydrate you faster than you might think. Have layers of clothing though. If you are in the desert overnight, it can get quite cold, and you do not want to have just shorts and tank-top.

Make sure your vehicle is in good running condition before starting off through the desert. Be sure to stay on the trails when you are hiking. Make sure you are staying on the road with your vehicle. If you are off the road, it could be difficult for some vehicles to get out of the sand. Know some basic first aid, too, and be sure to have a first aid kit with you.

Finally, do not go by yourself. Have someone else with you that can help in case something goes wrong. The desert can be a fantastic place to visit. Just make sure you have the tools and skills to survive.


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