Tips for Hunting Quail

Quail is delicious no matter how you happen to cook it. If you are hunting for quail, and you’ve never hunted the bird before, it can seem rather daunting. However, it is not too hard, if you understand a few simple tips about the process. Even novice hunters can get quail. Just keep the following in mind.

Use a Shotgun

When you are hunting for a quail, as with other birds, such as ducks, you want to use a shotgun. Using a 12 gauge or a 410 with birdshot is ideal. Yes, you will be picking buckshot out of the bird when you dress it, but it is much easier to take quail down with a shotgun than a .22.

Open Land

Quail like to feed on open fields because they tend to have the right vegetation that they like to eat. You should skirt the edges of fields. Scan the area with some binoculars to get a look at the field and to see whether any quail are in the area. You can look for quail tracks and signs to see if the quail might frequent a field before you spend too much time there.

Consider Using Dogs

If you have dogs, you can use them to hunt the quail. However, if you do not have dogs, as may be the case in a survival situation, do not worry. If you are bringing dogs, do not shoot at the quail until they are in the sky and above the horizon line. If you shoot when they are on the ground, and your dogs are in the field as well, you run the risk of injuring or even killing the dog.

Learn more about the behaviors of quail and keep it in the back of your mind even if you aren’t going to be hunting them anytime soon. Knowledge of animal behavior is always a good survival skill to have.

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