Tips for Spear Fishing   


If you are stranded in the wilderness near a body of water, fish are a potential source of nutritious food.  But if you don’t have any line or anything to manufacture a hook from, you are going to have to come up with an alternative method to acquire your meal.  One possible method that is possible in most circumstances with only the material available in the wild and a knife is spearfishing.  Here are some tips for raising your probability of success.

  • Split the end of your spear, or carve barbs into the tip. This is to prevent the fish from freeing itself from your spear after you have pierced it.
  • Wade into the water where you have seen fish, further away from land than the fish in order to encourage them to go closer to land and more shallow water which will make them easier for you to spear.
  • Hold the spear with both hands, elbows bent and the spear tip close to the surface. Have a posture similar to the posture you would have if you were shoveling dirt.  This will help you to get a quick and powerful stab at the fish and pin it to the ground.  This will much for successful than attempting to throw the spear.
  • When you do spear a fish, hold it to the ground to make sure that it is secure before lifting it up and allowing it to wiggle free. When you do lift it up, hold on to the end of the spear to keep it from coming off.
  • If you have a partner, work together to herd the fish into a smaller area where they will school together and make it easier to catch them.

While it might not be as easy as movies like Cast Away would have you to believe, where the character is throwing a spear into the water and bringing out a fish, it is perfectly possible to keep yourself alive by spearfishing in the wilderness.

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