Top 10 Doomsday Survival Considerations

I really liked this top 10 list I came across about the top survival considerations. It is a concise list that focuses on the key elements of being prepared…

A mantra in the prepping community on survival is the rule of three: you can survive
three minutes without air, three days without water, and three weeks without food.
Those are the top three considerations for survival; however, to expand this concept
we can illustrate the rule of ten (the top ten considerations for surviving doomdsay).

Rule of Ten: Top Ten Considerations for Surviving Doomsday
The list of ten areas to survive doomsday are…

1. Air.
You can’t have your health without air. Pandemics, volcanic eruptions, radation or
chemical warfare may affect the air you breath. Victims of fire are subject to smoke
inhalation. After a building collapses, there will be dust. A prepper can take measures
to minimize the risk:
In a fire, you can improvise by wetting a bandanna with water to help filter out
smokey air.
In a pandemic situation, you can secure your homestead through a quarantine
from the outside world, lining windows with plastic sheets and duct tape.
Further, family members can wear aNIOSH N95 Respirator Dust Mas, as
pictured immediate right. Theserespirators filter out many chemicals and are
recommended for use against a pandemic (bird flu).
To guard against radition and chemical attacks, you can equip your family with
a gas mask.

2. Water.
Assuming you’re breathing for the moment, water is the most urgent of emergency
preparedness areas to concentrate to help you survive. You’ll need more water than
you think to survive doomsday. A family of four needs 270 gallons of water, according
to Utah State University, for a three-month supply (90 gallons of water PER PERSON =
three-month supply). You’ll also need to store water for reconstituting dried foods
(cooking pastas, rice and beans), cleaning dishes and utensils, and providing
adequate hygiene, along with water intended for drinking. Remember also your pets,
the livestock, and garden. Get hydrated!

Discover the seven lessons of water for survival.

Learn how to shut off the hot water heater before this becomes a lost skill, and
it’s too late. Your hot water heater is a source of potable water.

Get a fire hydrant wrench! Pictured right, the Dixon fire hydrant also will come
in handy to provide a neighborhood with water for an emergency if necessary.

2. Food.
Back to the rule of three, a three-month supply of food is bare minimum for a survival
plan. Newbies will find it easiest to first gather shelf stable foods that they can buy at
the grocery stores.

To that end, we’ve provided a list of the 37 foods to hoard before crisis.

Advanced preppers also will learn much from the pioneers who forged the
American Northwest. Discover the pioneer provision list.

4. Shelter/location.
The best prepper location is your homestead because you already know the lay of
the land and you can hide your food and secure the contents; however, the day may
come when absolutely necessary to bug out.
How to fortify your homestead.

5. Fuel for fire.
How to build a fire: Building a fire requires five things: a safe place, tinder,
kindling, fuel and a fire starter.
Firestarters: 15+ Ways to Start a Fire Without Matches
Oil lamps.

6. Gear.
Gear up for leaving home, communicating with the outside world, and defending the
homestead. Here are the survival items to own.

Bugout gear. A bugout vehicle gets the name “vehicle” because it doesn’t
necessarily mean a car. Consider bugging out by bike!

Communications gear: To some communications is gear: just buy a two way
radio and a hand-crank radio and all is well. To others emergency
preparedness goes beyond communications gear. it means getting a HAM

Hunting gear.
Gun gear.
Sanitation gear.

7. Security.
Security goes beyond bullets. Defending the homestead means you’ll know self
Self defense for women.
Mace and Stun Guns.
Weapons that aren’t weapons. Everyday tools available now to save your life

8. Skills.
Preppers must continually educate themselves on new products, new ideas and
develop new skills. Here is a list of prepper skills.

9. Health.
You’re nothing without your health. Be sure to have regular checkups with your
physician and dentist, while these are still available.
When there is no dentist.
When there is no doctor.

10. Faith in yourself is the ultimate survival tool!
In his book, the portable guide to gettingout alive, Read survival psychology.

Special thank you to HappyPreppers for this list.

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