What Does 20,000 Calories Look Like? (Video)

With all the survival food on the market, it’s easy to get the impression that the kind of food that will last for years on your shelf and sustain your family in a real emergency is pricey and specially packaged.

While this kind of food is certainly very helpful to have, especially if you can afford it, it’s not your only option. In this video from Full Spectrum Survival, Brad and Kelly share what 20,000 calories looks like, and what it costs: $20. 20,000 calories is easily enough to sustain one adult for 10 days, even more on strict rations, so imagine how much food you could get for the price of one 2-week survival kit normally bought online.

When it comes to survival food, I think it’s important to get as many options as you can, so the kind of stockpiling they talk about in this video is a great way to add to the freeze-dried food you might already have in your proverbial bunker. Enjoy.

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