Why Survival Skills Matter

How often have you had a friend or even a family member look at you as though you’ve lost your mind and asked you why you do what you do? Why do you need those survival skills? They tell you that you can just buy your food at the grocery store and that you can go to the doctor if you are sick. While that’s true, and that’s what you are probably already doing, you know that tomorrow is not promised. You have no idea what could be coming down the line, and you know just how important it is to be prepared for it. The next time people ask you why you need those skills, be honest and tell them.

You do it because it isn’t just about saving your own life. You have family and friends that you care for, too, and you want to be able to help them if needed. You aren’t paranoid, but you are prepared for anything that comes your way. The sense of adventure, of getting into the wild and connecting with nature is a feeling like no other. You love the independence you feel when you become self-reliant, and you enjoy the challenge of learning new things and improving.

You know that the world might eventually fail, and you want to be able to take care of things if it does. It doesn’t mean you are weird. You are simply learning skills that your ancestors knew and using them in the modern world. By explaining to people all the good things that can come from learning about survival, you might just find that they become more interested in learning, too. It is always nice to bring more people into the fold to learn these skills and to become more self-reliant.


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