Why You Should Never Put Out a Grease Fire With Water (Video)

OK, I’m not really sure where these super bad firefighter demonstrations were at my fire drills when I was a kid, but if they’d been there, I might have paid more attention.

I hope it’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t put a grease fire out with water, but you never know who might not know that. The fact is, it’s a serious safety risk.

Before I share a very cool and sobering video demonstration of what happens when you put grease fires out with water, I’ll explain a bit what happens:

When you throw water onto a grease fire, bear in mind that there is still hot, liquid grease in the pan. So since water does not mix with oil, it will sink to the bottom of the pan, evaporating instantly, which will cause that grease to spread and splatter, sending literally flaming hot grease all over the place. Everything in the vicinity is then at risk to catching on fire, turning a small kitchen fire into deadly house fire. So, one more time, in case you missed it, DO NOT PUT A GREASE FIRE OUT WITH WATER! 

In case you’re not convinced, or even if you are and you just like to watch cool videos, you can’t miss this one. In what looks like a public demonstration by a fire brigade in England, a very committed firefighter shows a crowd exactly what happens when you throw water on a grease fire. I’m guessing the little kids in that crowd will remember this important rule of fire safety for the rest of their lives! So if you want it burned (no pun intended) into your mind too, check it out:

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