You Need the Basics to Improve Your Shot Using a Bow

As a survivalist and a prepper, you need to know how to use different types of tools and weapons if you want to survive. You never want to be just “okay” using different tools. You want to be as good as you possibly can be, as this will help to increase your chance of survival. This certainly applies to bows that you use for hunting and even for defense, if needed. However, many people get a bow and think that shooting it and hitting the target will come naturally. This frame of mind is often prevalent in those who are a good shot with firearms.

However, firing a bow and hitting the target are quite a bit different between these two tools, despite the concept being similar. Once you have a bow that you plan to use for hunting and survival, it is time to learn the basics. If you find that you can’t hit your arrows into a two-inch spot at 20 yards, you need to train. If you can’t get them into a four-inch grouping at 40 yards, you need to train. In fact, even if you can, there is always room for improvement.

Get Training in the Basics from Someone Who Shoots

Can you teach yourself how to become an archer? You can, and there are many books and instructional videos that can help you along your way. They can be quite beneficial, so long as you are getting them from trusted sources. However, you will find that the fastest and best way to learn how to master the basics and improve your archery skills enough that you feel comfortable and confident while hunting is to learn from someone who already knows what he or she is doing. Check out the local archery range if you have one to see if they give lessons. You can also talk with friends and family who hunt with a bow, and they can show you the basics.

Take Your Time

Take your time and learn properly when you are starting to shoot a bow whether it is a long bow, a recurve, or a compound bow. It is also important to make sure that you choose a bow that will be your survival bow and practice on that. You want to be very familiar with. Recurves, because many of them can be taken down and easily transported tend to be a good option for this.

Continue Practicing

You should strive to add training with your bow into your other survival training regimens. Get out there and shoot whenever you have the chance. In addition, you should try to shoot in different conditions to see just how it affects you. Shoot in the rain, shoot when it is cold out and snowing, and shoot when the sun is shining. You want to be a good shot no matter the conditions. It can make the difference between starving and going to bed with a belly full of venison.

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