Cooking Eggs Without Equipment or Water

If you are in a wilderness survival scenario and you come across a nest full of eggs your moral is bound to improve, but if you don’t have a pan to fry them in or a pot and water to boil them in your moral might start to slip back down with the prospect of having to eat them raw.  But if you have a little patience, there is a way that you can cook eggs without anything but a fire.  Here’s how.


  • The main problem with trying to just set them in the coals or next to them and heat them directly is that the eggs will burst. So the whole technique to cooking them without water or equipment is to allow for the pressure inside to be released as they continue to cook.
  • First step is to make a small hole in the top, or pointier end. The whole should be small, amount the diameter of a nail.
  • Find a stick that is the same diameter or smaller than the hole you just made, and after cleaning it off and removing any bark, insert it into the hole and scramble the yoke up as best as you can through such a small hole.
  • Then place the egg in some coals that have lost some of their glow near the edge of the fire with the hole facing up.
  • Keep that stick handy because you will need to periodically reinsert it into the egg in order to puncture the hard membrane that will form as the egg cooks. If you don’t do this the egg will burst open and all of your food will be lost in the ashes.
  • Once the stick doesn’t insert easily the egg has cooked, you can remove it from the coals and let it cool down.

Being able to make do without the gear you would want is essential for survival in every aspect, even cooking.

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