Dealing with Martial Law

The threat of martial law has hardly ever been higher for those of us in the West.  Glimpses of this have been seen after events like the Boston bombing, hurricane Katrina, or the Paris attacks.  While martial law is done under the guise of increasing safety, it will often put one in greater danger, there are few greater threats to those living in the West than the state turned against them.  Whether Islamic terrorism or natural disaster, if you find yourself living under martial law, here are a few tips and dealing with it to increase your chances of survival.


  1. Keep your Mouth Shut: Most of the rights that we enjoy, or take for granted will be removed under martial law.  This includes the freedom of speech and the right to a trial by jury.  This means that being and outspoken critic of the government could not only lead to arrest, it could result in “indefinite detention”.  This goes for social media as well.
  2. Comply, or act Like it: You will not win a fight with trained and equipped forces.  It is always going to increase your odds to comply, or at least to act like you are complying.
  3. Hide Firearms: The right to bear arms will likely be removed in any area under martial law, officially, or unofficially.  An example of this is the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, where local police and even military units illegally confiscated firearms from law abiding citizens who needed to protect themselves.  This will be much harder in areas that have forced registration.
  4. Be Ready to Bug Out: There are scenarios that offer more reason to bug out of an area than martial law.  But be careful, roads and other obvious routes are likely to be watched and people attempting to get out are not likely to be treated well.
  5. Keep Cash on Hand: Keep as much cash as you can hidden, but accessible.  This is also when precious metals come in handy.  Martial law often means a lack of law and an excess of force, but some cash or some gold could not only get you supplies you need, but it could get low-level authorities to look the other way or even give you preferred treatment.
  6. Stay informed: Keep as up to date as you can on what is happening in your area.  This will probably require using unofficial means since the media is not likely to tell you of troop movement or upcoming raids.
  7. Blend in: Any attention is bad attention.  This includes looking like a “prepper” which could be seen as a potential threat.

  People in the West can more than likely look forward to martial law only being a temporary state, but in that time you do not want to suffer at the all too powerful hand of the state.  Even people who have attempted to go along with things have felt the results of martial law.  Be ready, as things don’t seem to be going in a direction that makes scenarios like this less likely in the future.

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