Survival News: G20 Summit vs. US Nationalism

As the G20 Summit convenes in Bonne, Germany, many G20 nations find themselves eager to determine just how committed the Trump administration will be to their goals.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been representing the United States, and the country’s allies are seeking reassurance from him that his administration are devoted to continuing on the decade-long tradition of G20 nations of cooperating with global initiatives regarding climate change, international development, and the global economy.

The Trump administration has been notoriously nationalistic, and has been harshly criticized both domestically and internationally for this stance. As Fox News describes, the rest of the 20 industrialized nations that met in Germany this week wanted Tillerson to clarify exactly what “America first” met.

The US is an incredibly powerful global force, and many G20 countries seemed caught up in a rivalry for the attention of the new administration, and only time will tell which nations genuinely have the President’s interest.

Tillerson played it cool, achieving moderate tones rather than the drastic rhetoric of Trump’s campaign.

Yesterday, we talked about the implications of increasingly loose borders worldwide, and in Europe, a lot of the migrant crises have been caused by EU open-border policies that allow for the free flow of migration between European countries. Now, as we look to the G20 summit, our attention is turned to a similar issue, nationalism vs. global government and national free-trade.

Organizations like the G20 are quintessential examples of the “New World Order”, which is an idea many people have about the intention of the global elite to dominate the globe. It is true that twenty industrialized countries meeting together to hash out trade deals, negotiate the climate change agenda, and pledge cooperation towards a centralized goal, is definitely ominous to anyone who values national sovereignty and a truly free market.

Now, what this means to survivalists definitely might depend on the way you view large global trade organizations like the G20, but there is one conclusion I think anyone can draw from this meeting: we have a President in the White House who is stirring things up globally.

Trump’s intentions may be honorable and he truly will restore a strong economy and tight national security to our nation, or he might run it into the ground, forsaking our allies and our obligation to the global community in the dust. Either way, it definitely marks a shift in the way the US interacts with the rest of the world, and this could mean any number of conflicts or concerns that would affect our economy or even, in the long run, peace and security here at home.

These certainly are interesting times, and it’s just all the more reason to keep prepping, keep vigilant of global events, and try to read between the lines of trending stories and media freak-outs.

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