Lessons from a Home Invasion (Non-Graphic Video)   


This video is of a brazen daytime home invasion.  It shows two men with knives in hand enter a home and search it room by room.  Luckily the intruders never get a chance to assault, or kill, anyone inside the home.  When you watch this video take note of these things:


  1. This attack takes place during the day time, if the time on the camera is correct it is almost noon. These sorts of crimes are not confined to the dark of night.
  2. The home being invaded is clearly a nice home, in a good neighborhood. There is no place that is immune from home invasions.
  3. The invaders did not have to break a window or pick a lock, they simply went around back and opened an unsecured door. Lock your doors and windows.
  4. The invaders are carrying knives as they search the home, they are planning on finding someone in the home, not on entering an empty home. Just because you are home, it does not mean someone will not invade your home.
  5. When they find a locked interior door, they realize that someone is inside that room. Instead of fleeing immediately because that person is probably calling the police, they attempt to kick down the door.  This is just another example of why remaining armed in your home is a good idea.
  6. The invaders at various points of their crime attempt to cover their faces to some extent. More than likely, multiple cameras were visible to anyone on the property, especially outside.  Security systems like alarms and cameras help catch criminals, they do not protect you from them. 

In the end, no one was hurt in the home.  But that’s not always the case, I would just prefer to post this video, rather than video of a brutal daytime home invasion that took place in New Jersey where a mother was repeatedly beaten in the presence of her young children, for example.  Your home is your home, it’s not a castle, it is not secure from all threats, you have to realize this and take the necessary steps to keep you and your family safe.


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