Survival News: Sweden Updates Nuclear Bunkers, Fearing War With Russia

A few weeks after it was announced that Sweden has reinstated conscription, they have begun to update and prepare nuclear bunkers that have not been attended to since the 1990’s.

While Sweden has been neutral since the close of WWII, the Northern European neighbor to the former USSR remained prepared for an attack from Moscow until the fall of the Berlin Wall in the 90’s.

Until now, at least.

As Swedish Parliament holds its first war games in 20 years, preparing 50 MP’s in a secret location who would be set to take over the government were the Parliament to be hit, plans have been put in place to bring the bunkers back to currency.

Sweden has been vocally concerned about Russias flexing, particularly in the Baltic region, and along with the reinstatement of conscription, their Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) has decided to carry out a review of the bunkers.

Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist said that by Sweden, which is not a NATO member, deciding to bolster their own defenses, it is sending a sign to Moscow as the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania coming under increasing pressure from Russia.

As the drama of our political theatre rages on here in the US, overseas, it looks like major European countries are preparing for a very real threat from Russia. As I said in the previous article about Sweden preparing for war, it’s certainly an interesting country to watch because it does not have the luxury of NATO allies to defend it were it to come into conflict with Russia.

The dynamic between the US and Russia is also more strained than ever these days, especially with the commencement this week of the House Intelligence Committee on whether or not Russia “hacked” our elections in 2016. If the US government were to determine that Russia did indeed meddle with our elections, it would certainly set the stage for war.

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