Survival News: Wikileaks’ Vault 7

The internet has been abuzz with the latest info dump from Wikileaks, code-named Vault 7 by the notorious hacking organization. It is the largest ever publication of confidential documents by Wikileaks.

The first part of the Vault 7 series, called “Year Zero”, reveals thousands of documents from a high-level security network based in CIA headquarters in Langley, Virgina. These documents reveal the extent of the CIA’s global hacking system, which includes malware and “weaponized exploits” against a number of European and American products’ operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, and even Samsung SmartTVs.

Wikileak’s press release goes on to explain that in recent years, the CIA has been building its own arm of cyber intelligence internally that is so large, it has essentially become it’s “own NSA”, except without the appropriate government oversight. Whether or not the hacking capabilities of the CIA and development of such malware is within the CIA’s mandated power is unclear.

You’d probably be surprised to find that this massive leak has, as other Wikileak’s releases in the past have, not been a huge story. There are mentions of it here and there on mainstream media outlets, but the major news networks are more preoccupied with their soap opera with President Trump, apparently.

The rhetoric among mainstream media outlets over the last year has been decreasingly condescending towards new and alternative media sources, like websites and blogs, but this Wikileaks release is just another reminder why most Americans no longer trust the mainstream media and seek out their own information published by individuals who are free agents.

What this leak confirms is what many people in the alternative media community have been warning against for years. The CIA has incredible hacking and spying capabilities, all across the globe, and this has so far mostly gone unchecked by the rest of the government. We are now in an era in which 1984-type surveillance is a technological reality.

This is yet another reminder to stay alert and aware in these troubling times, and don’t get your news from just one source. Seek out answers, and always look for the stories the media is ignoring.

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