10 Ways to Use Duct Tape for Survival

Duct tape is one of the best inventions of all time. Seriously. The sturdy, waterproof-sealing tape can be used for oh so many things, including many potentially life-saving survival hacks. There’s probably far more than contained in this list, but here are some of the best to know:

1. First aid

Duct tape can be used in lieu of stitches or a butterfly bandage, as a split, to protect a wound from germs, to secure a bandage and even as a makeshift cast.

2. Tape up holes in tents, tarps, clothing

Duct tape is amazingly secure, and especially on synthetic fabric can be used to repair holes and tears.

3. Seal any container to make it virtually airtight

Duct tape was invented to keep ammunition protected in WWII, and it will effectively do this as well as make any container airtight and waterproof.

4. Make a hammock 

You can take strips of duct tape and tape them together, then weave together to make a very secure hammock.

5. Bags, baskets, cups, bowls

In the same fashion, you can weave together long strips of duct tape to make all kinds of bags, baskets, even cups and bowls.

6. Rope or cord

A long piece of duct tape can be twisted around itself to make a surprisingly strong rope or cord.

7. Repair leaks

Duct tape will effectively seal up leaks in buckets, air mattresses, even boats.

8. Secure windows in a hurricane

If no plywood is available to secure a window from a storm or hurricane, you can tape several strips of duct tape all over the window to secure them.

9. Waterproof shoes

In case of snow or severe rain, cover your shoes in duct tape (while they’re still dry, ideally) to keep your feet dry and warm.

10. Secure an area from pandemic 

Using duct tape and plastic sheeting, you can secure an area from pandemic or create a quarantine.


These are just a few of the best survival uses of duct tape-do you have any creative ideas to add? 

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