Top 10 Best Shots-Wild Boar Hunting (Video)

Boar hunting is no joke. Boars can weigh hundreds of pounds, have sharp tusks that can do serious damage, and are a lot faster than you’d think, really.

If you’ve ever watched boar hunting videos on YouTube, you probably know what kind of crazy stuff can happen on a boar hunt, and how graphic boar attacks can be. Boars aren’t afraid to run full force towards anyone or anything threatening them, and many hunters have been seriously injured by those deadly tusks.

So, you’ll probably find these 10 awesome boar hunting shots as satisfying and exhilarating as I did. Boar hunting is definitely something any survivalist should be familiar with, as wild boar is still pretty plentiful in North America, and might be a coveted food source one day. Heck, it already can be a primary food source for you if you’d like some incredible meat. There’s nothing quite like it.

Maybe some of these inspiring pig hunters will get you motivated to give wild boar hunting a try. Check it out:

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