Top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Movies

Apocalyptic movies aren’t exactly manuals for survival, but they can be thought-provoking and inspiring. A very good mental practice for survival is to think what you would do in certain situations, so movies like this can really help you embrace the mindset of extreme survival and help imagine what it might be like post-apocalypse. Plus, they’re fun to watch! Here is a list of a few of the best, in no particular order:

The Day After Tomorrow

This movie depicts the effect of a massive storm on North America, as well as the harrowing struggle for survival following. Much of it follows a group of survivors in New York City, a location most will imagine being the hardest hit in any huge disaster due to its high population density and complex urban architecture.

The Book of Eli

In a post-nuclear world, this movie follows a blind man on a mission to bring a very  important book to the West Coast. He fights off road gangsters, wiley cannibals, and mafia-style small-town government.

The Mad Max Movies

Films that need no introduction. Young Mel Gibson in a post-apocalyptic Australian wasteland ruled by gangs and every man-and woman-for themselves. Need I say more?

Deep Impact

This movie shows the reaction on earth as citizens prepare for a massive meteor is expected to collide with our planet. It has a particular focus on how the government prepares and doles out safety, so its very interesting in that regard.

I Am Legend

This Will Smith film had very mixed reviews, but its worth watching the story of a man living alone in New York city over run by weird grey zombies (not your average zombie film, not sure what they were going for here), so the psychological aspect of survival alone is pretty compelling, and Will Smith gives one of his better performances.

Red Dawn

A sort of alternative history flick, this is a pretty inspiring and entertaining story of Colorado teenagers who hole up in the woods following a Russian invasion of the US. A really fun and thought-provoking movie to imagine what life would be like if we were to be invaded.

The Road

Most likely the most realistic post-apocalyptic flick on this list, the realism makes it not-so-fun, but it’s still worth watching. A father and son traverse a treacherous post-apocalyptic world fighting off cannibals in search of food and fuel.

Children of Men

Another very realistic film, this shows a frightening not-too-distant future in which children are no longer being born. More pre- than post-apocalyptic, still worth watching. Only in the last few years is its intense portrayal of a Europe crippled with slews of immigrants and militarized borders so very relevant. Definitely the most pertinent to current events on this list, it will give you chills.


This movie probably won’t give you much insight into anything realistic, but it’s still very fun and funny. A rag tag group of people travel across a post-zombie apocalypse to visit an abandoned amusement park. A world where the power is still on, the gas is still plentiful and the zombies seem relatively easy to evade, it’s still good for lots of laughs and good old fashioned zombie fun.

Soylent Green 

More of a dystopia than post-apocalyptic movie (dystopia is a whole other awesome genre of films, honorable mentions include 1984, The Matrix, Logan’s Run, Gattaca, Blade Runner, Metropolis, Clockwork Orange, Brazil, Minority Report, A Scanner Darkly, The Hunger Games, The Running Man and Farenheight 451, to name some of the best). Anyway, Soylent Green deserves a mention here because it shows another not-too-distant future in which resources have run out and food is strictly regulated and synthesized. Soylent Green, the most popular food is….well, I won’t ruin it.

These are some of our favorite post-apocalyptic movies for a fun night in, what are your favorites? 

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